My Silent Pain

People who suffer from Fibro do not exaggerate how much pain they have, or where it is.  Who wants to give themselves pain, if they do not have pain?  Yes, we have silent pain everyday of our lives — every waking moment.  It is silent, but the person who is having the pain is moaning within, and without.   I do not know what it feels like anymore to NOT have pain.  It has been so long.   Every person is different, but the pain is the same.  There are various degrees and intensity of Fibro pain.  Some people have pain where their body just aches like the flu; as for me – yes, I have that too.  There are a few  fibro-forum friends that I have met, and we share our stories about  the stabbing, gnawing, pulsating, deep-dull-charlie-horse-like pain, along with tingling, and throbbing pains that we have on a daily basis.  Some people may have pain in only a few areas, and others like myself, may have it in their head, neck, back, shoulders, arms, chest, stomach, hips, thighs, legs, buttocks, knees, wrists, hands, feet, jaw, face, and even your pelvic area, just to name a few.  Fibro has no respect of persons, as it does not matter who you are.   Age and gender does not matter either.

What matters is not to let Fibro get the best of you.  Trust me, it will try, every second of the day.  What I do is keep busy as much as I can.  Busy can be taking a walk, talking with friends, working a job, or cleaning your house.  When it is time to wind down, this is when you are really challenged.  This is also when you have to be the strongest, and not let it get your mind.  It already has your body, but do not let it take your mind to a state of hopelessness.  In other words, do not give up on hope.    It is hard to ignore Fibro pain, because it is not like regular pain that you can take a Tylenol or Apirin for, and it goes away.  Only prescription drugs will ease Fibro pain, but who wants to be drugged up all day, and suffer the outragious side effects?

In spite of it all, people with Fibro look just like everyone else.  You would never know they live in pain – unless they told you.  It’s a small perk, but I am grateful for it.

I am so happy that mercy still abounds!


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