A Mystery…The Silence of Pain


Pain is silent Image

— you cannot hear how uncomfortable it makes you feel.  Sometimes it is hard for others to tell if you are in pain, because they cannot see pain (unless your facial expressions reveal it), then they might know that you are discomforted in some way.  Fibromyalgia Pain is a mystery to many, even in the medical world.  A mystery is something unexplained, obscure, and not readily understood.  Fibromyalgia is one of those mysterious diseases that mimic so many other diseases, and brings along other interrogating friends with it, such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Anxiety, Depression, Lyme Disease, Insomnia, Gerd, Restless leg syndrome and more.  The Silent Pain is an experience that only those who suffer chronic pain can truly understand.  Pain sufferers can hear their pain, but it is silent to others.  People with pain have a difficult time in leading a normal life.  There is no “actual normal life” when your body is in pain every day of the year. Once you have Fibromyalgia, your normal life will change completely.  There is no physical cure for Fibromyalgia pain.  Accepting it as a permanent part of your life, is not easy.  Fibromyalgia Pain has many faces: burning – shooting – stabbing – tingling – deep – pounding – clustering – piercing – cramping…just to name a few.  Fibromyalgia pain goes in and out of various levels of intensity. It is not friendly, it does not care who it hurts; it just proceeds to do what it is designed to do — bring pain and discomfort to the human body and mind.

In spite of it all, I still have a hope of expectation, that one day my Fibromyalgia pain will be removed from my body – and I will be able to move freely again, and to wake up without Fibromyalgia pain, and bear witness to another miracle!   The Painful Reality of Fibromyalgia


2 thoughts on “A Mystery…The Silence of Pain

  1. Hi Terry, I feel for your brother because I know his pain is definitely severe. I am sorry that he has so much discomfort. I will definitely keep him in my prayers. Thanks for following me as well.

  2. As I am reading your post, I can’t help but think of my brother. Although his pain shows directly in his face, I do hear it quite often through his words also. His muscles and nerves are being scrunched between each other, causing him debilitating pain 24/7. He feels tingling, stabbing etc. It also takes a way his appetite for life and food. Depression has followed him for sometime, and the word death has been brought up several times. As in Fibro, there is also no cure for Parkinson’s. There are similarities in these two diseases, and nothing brings total comfort. I enjoyed reading your post and I have chosen to follow your blog. Thanks for inviting me.

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