Woman Turning Off Alarm


It is 3:31 a.m., and I was awakened by the silent noise of my pain

Screaming within my body,

Releasing its anger in every fiber of my being

I feel as if I am being punished for trying to sleep.

My body is resisting to freely move, as stiffness locks me into its embrace

My eyes feel like sandbags, my mind is foggy, my strength is dull,

I pray for comfort, as I stare at hope it its face.

My shoulder blades are aching, as pain radiates down my lower back

The bottom of my feet is so painful, though I’ve not yet begun to walk.

Today is Friday — I was hoping to feel better,

But my pain has other plans.

Once again, time is upon me – I am hurried, or I will be late for work

Another day to toil through my fibro-fog, and pain — again,

I was awakened, and I am so thankful to be alive!





5 thoughts on “Awakened…Painfully

  1. From one pain patient to another – those who don’t suffer from “pain” simply don’t understand it. I completely understand this! This is Blogging at it’s finest!

    • I know – I just love blogging. You do not feel so alone. It gives you a break from whoa-unto-me-about-my-pain. Even though it is still there all while we are typing and posting, etc, – our fingers may hurt as mine do all the time, BUT – I refuse to stop, I refuse to just sit back and let fibro get the best of me.

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