Is GERD and Fibromyalgia Connected also?

GERD           Does anyone out there have  GERD?  I was dignosed with GERD in 2003, or thereabout.  I have no idea how I even acquired GERD.  I eat healthy very often, as I am into herbs, vitamins, and supplements.  I follow all the rules and do not buy or eat anything with MSG in it, no red meat, no pizza’s or spicy foods, green peppers, white flour, orange juice, tomatoes, onions, fried foods, citric fruits, soda pop, alcohol, and nor do I smoke any longer…yet, I have GERD.  I am not overweight, I moderately exercise, but I still have GERD.

How did I get it? Where did it come from? It is so aggravating.  I find myself holding my throat all the time just like the picture above.  Right now my throat is really irritated, and I think it is because I took my vitamin C about 5pm today with very little water.  It felt like the pill itself got stuck in my esophagus, and is still there.  It is causing my neck, and esophagus to hurt, and it hurts to swallow as if I have a lump in my throat.  I am so afraid of this GERD thing, because I know it can produce other issues that no one wants to be a recipient of.

I try to take care of myself the best I can.  After all, having Fibromyalgia, GERD, IBS, Arthritis, tendinitis, bursitis, cataracts, no sleep, and a whole lot of tag-a-longs that come with these issues, is not an easy road, but I know we all do our best.  About 7 months ago, I had the scope procedure where the doctors go down your throat to see what is going on with your GERD.  There was nothing abnormal other than the GERD.  My doctor has me on Prevacid 15 mg periodically.  I understand these type medications will do more harm than good when taken consistently.  She has me on it two weeks at a time, then takes me off for a few months.

To help relieve my GERD symptoms, I take apple cider vinegar, lactaid milk and sometimes almond milk, ginger root tea, chamomile, vitamin D, Aloe Vera Juice, anise tea, and chicory root tea.  I take other required vitamins and supplements, as well as other herbal products….yet, I still have GERD.

I checked out this site which was very interesting concerning GERD and Fibromyalgia.  I thought you might be interested as well.

If anyone out there has GERD and have problems with their throat, please share it so that I won’t feel too bad.


7 thoughts on “Is GERD and Fibromyalgia Connected also?

  1. Yep I have fibro and gerd as well. My esophagus is so narrow it goes into spasm if I eat too fast, or if I eat breads and drink soda right after swallowing bread. It’s horrible. Makes me not want to eat at all.

    • OMG! I feel so bad for you. Why is your esophagus so narrow, did the doctor say? What does your spasms feel like? I am not sure if I am having spasms or not, but it feel like heart flutter right where the adams apple suppose to be. Then one time I thought I had a gerd attack after I took a vitamin that did not go down the right way and when I tried to swallow it felt like I was ripping my throat open through my back and chest. I was so scared. I had not been taking my prevacid either. I started taking the prevacid every day and it eased up everyday until it was gone. That was scarey! If you are drinking soda that will definitely make gerd worse. I drink no carbonated drinks, milk, etc, because it makes it worse. I love wine, but when I want a drink now, I just drink 1 glass of moscato, which is very weak wine. What other things do you do for your gerd? What other feelings do you have? Do you always feel like its something in your throat, and that you need to belch or something?

      • I guess my esophagus is just narrow because I was born that way. The spasms are so severe that when they hit me, if I have food or drink in my mouth, I dare not try to swallow until the spasm passes or it would be a disaster. One time I was eating a burger while I was driving, I took a drink of soda, a spasm started, I kept having the urge to swallow, every time I swallowed the spasm rose up higher and higher in my esophagus….I thought I was going to choke to death….I forced myself to stop swallowing (which is hard if you’ve ever tried when you have an irrespressible urge to swallow it is nearly impossible not to)……anyway it took about 5 minutes to finally stop spasming, I was freaked out. That was the worst one I’ve had. I never ever go without my Prilosec. Even with the Prilosec I get spasms. I should go in and have them stretch my esophagus surgically but I am too afraid of medical procedures. So I just live with it. Yes I get heart pains and palpitations with GERD…..I finally figured out these pains were due to a need to belch but I cannot seem to belch at will……sometimes I can’t belch when I really need to and it hurts. I get sharp heart pains and palps, it sucks. Be careful with red wine, it can aggravate GERD. I know I shouldn’t drink soda but sometimes the fizz is the only way I can get a belch to happen. Good luck!!!! xoxo

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