“Just a Thought…that Might Help Ease your Pain”

life-lessons-too-late    Life is truly a mystery.  We grow up thinking that life is all about us, and it is not.   We tend to center life around questions involving ourselves, such as: who we are, why we have been included in this life, and for what purpose?  These questions are all valid, but more importantly, we want to know about the who and what before us…at least, I desired to know these things.

Life is about learning who really created, designed, and brought into existence, this life we have; and just who is it that gave us the breath of life, as well as who makes our heart beat, and what is his real,

and only name?  These answers are most important to me, because it has given me an understanding of my true purpose.

I have human issues and challenges as everyone else, and one of them happens to Fibromyalgia, and the pain that it causes.  I use to wonder why we have to suffer in this life, but now I know why.  In order for anything to work, it takes positive and negative energy, i.e. a light switch.  In order to have light, the wires within that light switch has to be positive and negative; to feel a breeze from your ceiling fan, the wires must be positive and negative, and so on.  Likewise, in order for us to experience joy, we must experience pain; as we will have sad days, and happy days.  Though, many times we feel that life is so unfair, but in reality – it is fair, and merciful.

Since having Fibromyalgia and all of its other tag-a-long diseases, i.e. IBS, GERD, anxiety, insomnia, etc., I have learned how to accept my life for what it is, and learn how to deal with it.  What taught me this is looking at others who are worse off than I am, and I am amazed at how they are dealing with their challenges.  Having physical challenges has taught me that if you live long enough in this world, you will have challenges, both physical, mentally, and spiritual. These bodies we wear, are meant to give us havoc, at some point in life.

Sometimes, taking a moment

to think about something other than our pain,

may be worth the while. 

After, all – this is all any of us have…are moments,

and we should learn to use them wisely.

We have so much to be grateful for, in spite of our infirmities.  If we did not have fibromyalgia, or whatever we are dealing with, we would probably have something else worse, or maybe not.  The point is, this story called life is not about us, it is all about he who created us, and wrote this story called life from beginning to end He is the author, the actors, the props, and all that is in between.  This is why I am grateful to have been chosen to understand his story, in this particular chapter of my life.  Think about it — I could have been chosen to rebel, and have an attitude that life has dealt me a bad deck, and that I deserve better, because I am the main attraction here.  In reality, I am not important in the whole scheme of things; I am an instrument that is used to declare the main attraction, to give honor and glory to the writer, director, author, and finisher, who created all things, animate and inanimate, visible and invisible.  Who could do this?  Who can cause the planets to rotate without colliding into each other, or the sun to shine every day without fail?  To me, this is awesome, and there is no other who is  worthy of praise! 

Well, this is just a thought that I had, and wanted to share it with you.  I hope it took your mind off of your pain, at least for a moment.


6 thoughts on ““Just a Thought…that Might Help Ease your Pain”

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  2. Wonderful and insightful post. I like the point you made about needing a “light switch” that brings us into alignment with our spiritual journey (no matter how or who we choose to acknowledge in it). & that Once we tap into the profound, we realize that there is something greater than us as we have known ourselves in this point in time, and then we are faced with the gateway into something more profound — the chance for more abundance and opportunities that we didn’t even know existed, a chance to change into something we didn’t even know was possible. At that point it becomes something far greater than just us being mere advocates for our own health. We have become conduits for messages — messages for ourselves and for others. These messages get revealed in a myriad of ways. Some in the form of what I call a straight-up-slap-to-the-head to jolt us from our stagnant patterns. What you have aptly termed the light switch. The journey, and indeed the fun, has begun and we cannot turn the switch off. So the question then becomes what do we do now?

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