I Never Knew that Silence…Could be so LOUD



Living with Fibromyalgia drains both your body and mind

It hurts to sit, it hurts to walk, my legs hurt most of the time.

I busy about doing whatever I can, 

just to keep the pain out of my head

Though for some strange reason,

it rages my body as soon as I lay in my bed.

So difficult it is to sleep at night,

I toss and turn as if I am in a fight.

The headaches come like lightening and thunder –

Piercing my brain, my neck and shoulders.

I pray that my pain will cease its rage,

and show mercy to my inward prayers,

Though it is driven like a vengeance,

just maybe a little mercy will it share.

In spite of my pain, I know within my heart,

the power of my Savior I do not doubt –

To have mercy from this invisible disability – 

that makes the silence of pain, so Loud.

A Savior’s job is to save his children from themselves,

and what they do not understand,

Because all things, whether they COMFORT or STING,

goes according to our Savior’s purpose and plan!


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