MUSCLE SPASMS and Fibromyalgia

Back Spasms

woman-in-pink-shirt-and-blue-skirt-with-back-painIt puzzles me as to WHY I periodically will wake up in the morning and would have a spasm that goes from one end of the center of my back to the other end.  The pain is so excruciating!  It feels like someone is standing on my back wearing combat boots.  Out of the blue, it’s there, crippling my every move.  The only thing that helps it feel a little better is heat.  I have to lay on heating pads every night until I feel it on its way out.  If I turn my head it hurts. If I try lifting my hand to drive, take a shower, or simply brushing my teeth, my body catches in the spasms. So, I have to be careful how I move.  If I am laying down and need to get up, I have to slide close to the side I am getting up on.  If I have to bend to pick up something, I have to bend with knees slowly, and rise very slowly.  After about a week, it begins to fade away — slowly.  Finally, one day I would wake up and it is gone, as if it was never there.  However, my other Fibro pains are always there 24/7.  Has anyone ever experienced this?  If so, reply to this message.  I am curious to know if this type of spasm primarily affect people with Fibromyalgia.

Spasms in the base of the Head/Neck

imagesThis is another area that I have spasms on a regular basis.  These too come out of nowhere.  One moment I do not have them, the next moment it feels like someone just stunned me in my head with a stung gun of some sort.  After the initial hit, its hurts to move my neck.  I have to be careful how I move it, how I lay while in bed, etc.  This misery lasts anywhere from 2-3 days to 2-3 weeks.  It never totally goes away.  It always seem to just hide in the background leaving me with a low grade discomfort in the same area, reminding me that it has not totally left me.  When I take a mile muscle relaxer it eases it up a little more.  Does anyone experience these head spasms?

I checked online about back muscle spasms and found some interesting information.  If anyone suffer from these type of spasms, this information might help you understand them a little better.


15 thoughts on “MUSCLE SPASMS and Fibromyalgia

  1. The muscle spasms I ‘enjoy’ feel like someone is tearing the muscle from the bone. They travel often quickly to engulf my entire body. My go to help with these spasms, is also heat, AFTER I take some Calcium Magnesium supplements. Heavy on the Magnesium. I have to be judicial in using the magnesium as it can trigger a wonderful bout of diarrhea. But I can find release of spasms with in 20 minutes, often sooner. My massage therapist is a wonderful help also. Especially with the pain that travels from shoulders to neck to the scull. Try it! NO DRUGS.

  2. I get these in my neck!! Mine are actually worse now that I’ve had a root canal almost 2 weeks ago. Now I’m seeing light flashes out of my peripheral vision. Muscle relaxers never provided me with any relief. Only seemed to make it worse. Not only do I have pain there, but in the back of my head sometimes. It’s annoying.

    I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2012. The only thing that has ever given me any relief is Neurontin. My doctors will not give me any pain killer– I think because of my age. They tell me, “Oh, you are a healthy young girl.” … Yeah, thanks. That’s how it looks on the outside I’m sure.

    I’m sorry you are having issues with your neck. I know what monster you are dealing with.

    I agree with the both of you exercise does help if you are able to do it. I’ve found if you are stagnant too long your muscles will hate you, and it makes you hurt worse. I try to keep myself moving, and find it helps whether it’s Yoga, walking, or the Wii.

    Congratulations on finishing school! I’m sure that was a stressful time, and you were busy! I would have flared for sure! Being I’m super late with my comment, I’m sure things have settled down by now. 🙂

    • Hi Lynne, no I am the one who is super late. I have been sooooo busy with health issues. I apologize for not replying sooner. I have other sites I have joined as well and sometimes trying to keep up with all of them can become time consuming. Yes, I finally graduated from school!!!!! I am sooooooooo glad to be out. I feel like I did not learn anything about IT. School kept my nerves on edge day and night. I had so many fibro flares because I was soooooooooo tense all the time. IMy classes were online so I always had deadlines. I was rushing all the time, I couldnt sleep or do anything else but work. I really thought I was having a stroke. It really messed up my nerves really bad.
      Yes, fibro is still my counterpart, we are hand in hand, but we are not friends. It is relentless, and I do not wish it on anyone. Lets keep in touch, I will do better. 🙂

      • I’d like that! 🙂

        I understand what you mean about Fibro being your counterpart. It is what gives me so much trouble. I have been trying to find ways to stick it to em! Hoping to find ways to make it hurt less, and my nerves less frayed. I have anxiety. So that is something that doesn’t help either with my nerves in certain situations. Learning to cope and deal with it is something I’m still working on.

        I am so happy you are done with school! I felt the same way when I was done. Relieved, but felt like I didn’t retain much of it either– although when it came to situations I needed to know something I found I knew it. School can be stressful! It was for me too, and any stressful situation can bring us flares. My classes were online too. I volunteered to be the team leader for our group hoping when we had team assignments it would help ease the stress a bit, and it did in some ways. But the team aspect was very stressful. I hope you can relax a bit now, and your nerves can get a break. What did you go to school for?

        You don’t have to apologize. It’s alright. I know what it’s like keeping up with multiple websites. No biggie. 🙂

        I hope you are feeling alright, and your fibro isn’t acting up. That is a real pain!

        • Hi Lynne, thanks for understanding. I went to school for Information Technology (IT). I really wished I had not taken it, too late now, but I do not remember anything about what I learned. The subject is too complicated. Maybe if i had a young mind, but once you get over sixty, things dont tick at the same speed. smile With fibro kicking my butt everyday, and now these vibrations going all thru my body and in my legs are sooooooooooooooo annoying, it is more difficult to sleep. Thanks for understanding and I do hope u have a good day with fibro too.

          • Wow! Congratulations! IT is a tough one to grasp, but you DID IT. You did tell me IT, but I didn’t catch “IT.”

            I can understand why you would say you wished you had not taken it because even my husband had a hard time with it– at first– and felt like he didn’t learn much. He went online also. He went for that, and I went for Human Services though I wanted Social Work. Anyway, now that he uses some of it he is more confident. It is a complicated subject I agree! But you did it! I remember he had to do all kinds of complicated Math just to graduate. I bet you did too! I get why your nerves were so frazzled, and you wanted to pull out your hair. I only had to take statistics, and felt that way. He had finite math. What you have accomplished here is something fantastic even if you can’t remember much with it. I don’t know if I could have done what you did! 🙂

            I hope the fibro lets up, and you can get some sleep. My legs give me some issues too at night. Especially here lately. It is annoying. I’ve been taking Magnesium, but i think I’m going to start taking some Potassium too. Not sleeping at night makes us hurt worse in the morning, I hope you can find some solution to help make sleep easier.

            Thank you! I hope you have a great day too!

            • OMG! Lynn, I am so glad you get the GIST of what I was saying about IT. Most people say to me — oh, it could not have been that bad. Man oh Man, they just dont know. If you never had any training in IT, it is a super hard subject. I wished someone would have told me this beforehand. I would have taken something else that I could remember and feel like I learned something. Smile. Oh well. Now I owe all this money back for something I dont know nothing about. Who does that???? Anyway, yea you are right. No sleep, more pain. Fibro hasnt left me since 1996 so I am not sure if it is planning to leave anytime soon. I hope and pray that I can get more relief. How many mg of magnesium do you take? I know someone who takes 1,200 mg. Not sure if we can take that many, but she said it helps her sleep. What would potassium have to do with it? Usually blood test can tell if potassium is low? Is there a low potassium and high potassium?

              • I do! Have most people tried to work on their own computer when they had problems? Or tried to program one? Egads! I wouldn’t want to! I’ve seen a bit of what my husband does, and no thank you! The idea of technology– computers— used to fascinate me– when it was new. I remember being 16 when we first got the internet. Now I am becoming more of a technophobe because it is a pain!

                It is super hard, but you did it! 🙂 I feel that way sometimes even with taking Human Services — even though it was supposed to be a Social Work degree. I think after graduating we all feel that way at some point. But with IT– that is one tougher than most!

                I am hoping you can get some relief too! It can be hard to strike a balance with Fibro– if there is such a thing. I think just trying not to overdo it, and sleeping at night helps. If you can sleep! You are right 1,200 does seem like a lot of magnesium. I take 400mg in the AM and at night. It is supposed to help my legs, and my headaches. I like supplements with a dual purpose!

                I guess potassium helps a number of disorders: insomnia, acne, headaches, allergies, chronic fatigue syndrome, stress, muscle weakness, etc.

                I believe a normal blood test.. a think it is called a CBC would tell if your potassium is normal. We should get 4,700 mg a day.

                I think when I go back to the doctor I am going to ask if I could take a small potassium supplement at night to help with my legs. My sister does– she has Fibromyalgia also.

                I was thinking maybe my website had maintenance. It seems to be alright now 🙂

                • Hi Lynn, you say you take 400 mg in the a.m. and at night for your legs. What is wrong with your legs? Do they tremble too? Are they off the hook like mine? Mine vibrates all the time (left leg mainly).
                  Regarding IT, I wished I could remember what I learned. I have all my books still, but I dont want to work that hard ever.

                • Hi 🙂
                  Yeah, I take the magnesium because of the pain I was getting in my calves from walking. I am guessing the Fibro was making my legs hurt. They were just aching, and I was getting really nasty charley horses. They were awful! So I started taking magnesium at night.
                  My sister-in-law recommended I see one of her physicians, and I did. She recommended taking it in the morning also because it helps with migraines. I am having those, a lot.
                  Yes, IT is A LOT of work. My poor husband works very hard for us with doing it. He likes it. Hard-working man I have though. Long hours.
                  I do really think you accomplished something big here though with graduating with an IT degree. Anyone would be in the same boat you are with feeling as though you can’t remember much. It would come back to you as you use it.. maybe. I think that works in some cases. Or there could be a language you liked working with.. like Java. or HTML.
                  Even if you cannot remember there are still some things I’m sure you can, and plus you GRADUATED! That is more than what some people can say. I think you should be patting yourself on the back girl! I don’t know if I could have managed an IT degree, 🙂

  3. Good comment. I never thought of food as being the trigger for spasms, but I see how this is possible now from your post. Its just that usually my spasms hit me in the morning when I wake up, or sometimes they wake me up as I feel it coming on. I was an avid Yoga person and did a bit of HiChi, but then I stopped. Don’t know why, except I think I stopped after I started school. School almost killed me, I just graduated. Too much work!!! Especially at my age. smile Nonetheless, its good that you do Pilates 5 days a week, and stretch. Exercise does help Fibro. When I was exercising regularly I felt much better. Regarding endone codine, I never heard of that one. Tylenol 3 with Codine does absolutely nothing for me. Thanks for your comment. Very helpful.

  4. Reblogged this on Stepping out of pain and commented:
    Nice article, and nice link, always good to get more info on this. No pain is good, but spams really wipe me.
    I get muscle spams, always lower back, and yes I get what you mean by sensing it is going happen. Had them periodically for number of years, mostly under control now. So what is my trigger…I suffer a lot of extreme food intolerance, and that is exasperated by anything that messes with digestion. I take strong probiotic daily, and mostly food intolerance under control. However, continuing triggers that make me sensitive are eating too much sugar, msg, alcohol (any alcohol makes the stomach more porous to whatever you eat after), anti-inflation meds of any kind, antibiotics of any kind. I avoid all anti-inflamtion meds (ginger and other dietary anti-inflation food work much better), and if on antibiotics, take a probiotic 2 hours after the antibiotic to minimise damage).
    I also do Pilates 5 days a week, and always stretch – gentle stretches help to control muscle tension, muscle tension also leads to spams. Acupuncture also great for releasing tension in muscles naturally.
    Finally, if spams start, the only genuine thing that stops it for me is strong pain killers (and when I say strong I mean strong like endone, codine not as good but can help for less extreme spams). Don’t know why but a single strong painkiller is like hitting a reset button, spams stop.

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