Reality and Inspirations


I Never Knew – Silence could be so LOUD!

hugsLiving with Fibromyalgia drains both

your body and mind –

It hurts to sit, it hurts to walk, my legs hurt most of the time.

I busy about, doing things just to keep

the pain out of my head

For some strange reason it rages my body as soon as I lay in my bed.

So difficult it is to sleep at night, I toss and turn as if I am in a fight.

The headaches come light lightening and thunder –

Penetrating my brain , piercing my neck and shoulders, as  I wonder –

Will this pain cease its rage, and show mercy to my inward prayers?

Though it is driven like a vengeance, just maybe a little piece of it… cares.

In spite of my pain, I know within my heart, my power of my Savior I do not doubt –

To have mercy, and release me from this invisible disability –  that makes the silence of pain, so Loud.

A Savior’s job is to save his children from themselves, and what they do not understand,

Because all things, whether they comfort or sting, goes according to our Savior’s purpose and plan!



Woman Turning Off Alarm

It is 3:31 a.m., and I was awakened by the silent noise of my pain

Screaming within my body,

Releasing its anger in every fiber of my being

I feel as if I am being punished for trying to sleep.

My body is resisting to freely move, as stiffness locks me into its embrace

My eyes feel like sandbags, my mind is foggy, my strength is dull,

I pray for confort, as I stare at hope it its face.

My shoulder blades are aching, as pain radiates down my lower back

The bottom of my feet is so painful, though I’ve not yet begun to walk.

Today is Friday — I was hoping to feel better,

But my pain has other plans.

Once again, time is upon me – I am hurried, or I will be late for work

Another day to toil through my fibro-fog, and pain — again,

I was awakened, and I am so thankful to be alive!


second chances 2 copy

By Grace, we are given…


We have all have done things, we wished we had not

We knew it was not right, but we just did not stop.

Now, sorry for those things – we humble ourselves

and realize – without Grace, there is nothing else.

The errors we make, are forgiven each day,

because life was designed with circumstances;

We are given a new start, though sometimes hope, seems afar

by Grace, we are given Second Chances.

We must always remember,

to search deep within our hearts,

and pray for patience, understanding, and strength;

To help carry us through our many challenges,

and everything else that don’t seem to make sense.

We must follow our instincts, to do the right thing

and be guided on the path we must take;

We will learn from our joy, as well as our pain

Because there are no such things, as mistakes.

…by Grace, we are given Second Chances.


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