Creepy, Crawly, Air Bubbles, Tingling, Numbing, Vibrating Feelings in my Legs, Feet and Other Areas…Fibromyalgia?

creepy crawly 1    These crawly feelings I can feel in my legs, feet,    thighs, arms, side, shoulders, and the tinglings in my hands as if they are going to sleep.  It is so annoying as it haunts me every night when I get in bed and try to rest.  I am tossing and turning trying to find a comfortable way to hold my legs and stop the vibrating feelings.

During the day when I am walking and keeping busy, I don’t even think about it.  I only feel it when I stop or sit down to rest.  Night time when I am trying to sleep is when it is annoying. I am beginning to feel it more often in my feet.

It feels like a cell phone that is vibrating or buzzing in my legs.  Itrestless-leg-questionnaire-300x187 also feels like feathers, or crawling ants up and down my legs.  It is most annoying. It is bad enough trying to sleep with fibromyalgia, and now to have something else distracting you from sleep, is not good.

I was curious to see if these vibrations were part of fibromyalgia, so I googled fibromyalgia vibrations.  A lot of information came up regarding fibromyalgia vibrations, and some of the information was described as the same feelings that I am having. A lot of people left comments about the feelings they were feeling in their legs, arms, and feet like vibrations of some sort.  They, too, expressed they do not know where they came from.  I searched further into the symptoms of fibromyalgia, and found that some people do have these tingling vibrating sensations, and not to be alarmed. I pray that it is nothing else serious.

I also read that it could be Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS).  But, after reading about RLS, the description is more of a pulling feeling that sometimes hurt and stings.  My vibrations do not hurt at all, so I am not sure what it is.

If anyone else have any of these feelings, please share them with me. Living with fibromyalgia is a real experience that teaches us patience and many other ways of coping in order to maintain a doable lifestyle.  I try not to give in to all of the many faces of fibromyalgia, but I must admit — some of them are very scarey!

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MUSCLE SPASMS and Fibromyalgia

Back Spasms

woman-in-pink-shirt-and-blue-skirt-with-back-painIt puzzles me as to WHY I periodically will wake up in the morning and would have a spasm that goes from one end of the center of my back to the other end.  The pain is so excruciating!  It feels like someone is standing on my back wearing combat boots.  Out of the blue, it’s there, crippling my every move.  The only thing that helps it feel a little better is heat.  I have to lay on heating pads every night until I feel it on its way out.  If I turn my head it hurts. If I try lifting my hand to drive, take a shower, or simply brushing my teeth, my body catches in the spasms. So, I have to be careful how I move.  If I am laying down and need to get up, I have to slide close to the side I am getting up on.  If I have to bend to pick up something, I have to bend with knees slowly, and rise very slowly.  After about a week, it begins to fade away — slowly.  Finally, one day I would wake up and it is gone, as if it was never there.  However, my other Fibro pains are always there 24/7.  Has anyone ever experienced this?  If so, reply to this message.  I am curious to know if this type of spasm primarily affect people with Fibromyalgia.

Spasms in the base of the Head/Neck

imagesThis is another area that I have spasms on a regular basis.  These too come out of nowhere.  One moment I do not have them, the next moment it feels like someone just stunned me in my head with a stung gun of some sort.  After the initial hit, its hurts to move my neck.  I have to be careful how I move it, how I lay while in bed, etc.  This misery lasts anywhere from 2-3 days to 2-3 weeks.  It never totally goes away.  It always seem to just hide in the background leaving me with a low grade discomfort in the same area, reminding me that it has not totally left me.  When I take a mile muscle relaxer it eases it up a little more.  Does anyone experience these head spasms?

I checked online about back muscle spasms and found some interesting information.  If anyone suffer from these type of spasms, this information might help you understand them a little better.

I Never Knew that Silence…Could be so LOUD



Living with Fibromyalgia drains both your body and mind

It hurts to sit, it hurts to walk, my legs hurt most of the time.

I busy about doing whatever I can, 

just to keep the pain out of my head

Though for some strange reason,

it rages my body as soon as I lay in my bed.

So difficult it is to sleep at night,

I toss and turn as if I am in a fight.

The headaches come like lightening and thunder –

Piercing my brain, my neck and shoulders.

I pray that my pain will cease its rage,

and show mercy to my inward prayers,

Though it is driven like a vengeance,

just maybe a little mercy will it share.

In spite of my pain, I know within my heart,

the power of my Savior I do not doubt –

To have mercy from this invisible disability – 

that makes the silence of pain, so Loud.

A Savior’s job is to save his children from themselves,

and what they do not understand,

Because all things, whether they COMFORT or STING,

goes according to our Savior’s purpose and plan!


Okay, so what is this pain that comes out of nowhere when I sometimes bend over or just make a random turn of my body?  It catches me like a muscle spasm and stops me in my tracks.  It hurts so bad for a moment, and then it sometimes just goes away after the initial pain, but other times it lingers around for a couple of days.  Can any of my Fibro friends relate to this experience? 

I conducted a little self research to find out what happens when the muscle spasms, and learned the following:

  • When a muscle contracts, small pouches in the cells release calcium.
  • For the muscle to relax, the cell needs to pump the calcium back into the pouch.
  • When energy is low, the cell can’t perform that job and the muscle stays contracted.

imagesSince having Fibromyalgia, I have to be careful how quick I move my body, and which way I move it because I can instantly get a crook in my neck, a charlie horse in my leg, or a muscle spasm in my back and shoulder areas. 

I make sure that I try to exercise at least 3 times a week to help prevent stiffness.  I know that staying flexible helps my Fibro pain.  I still cannot quite understand why I get these spasms.  I thought I would share this with my Fibro friends in hopes to get some input.   Thank you all!


Just a Thought …Has anybody thought about MERCY Lately?

This fiveHolySpirit-letter word, MERCY –  means a whole lot. It means having compassion, forgiveness, pity, or charity for human life.  Based on the heartless and merciless acts of murder throughout the world, proves that mercy is not a household word.  In order for anyone to survive these days, we need the mercy of our Heavenly Father.  What are your thoughts?

A Drop of Hope

A DROP OF HOPEJust having a Drop of Hope, will lighten your burdens and ease your mind.

With Fibromyalgia you become accustomed to the storms of pain.  Some days are cloudier than other days  with all-over-body pain, stabbing you in all the wrong places; with an overcast of IBS, lightening headaches, along with tinglings and numbing of counterparts.  Though I am a sufferer of Fibromyalgia since 1990 along with chronic pain,  Gerd, IBS, Arthritis, and Sjorgen’s Eye Disease, Fibromyalgia still surprises me with its numerous faces of pain.

For instance, three weeks ago, I woke up to a no-name returning pain visitor, who superceded in intensity over my other daily Fibromyalgia pains, as it attacked my body in the form of a severe pain flare up of spasms in the back of my head, neck, shoulder, and back radiating from my head across both shoulder blade, down my left arm and fingers. It feels like spasmodic electrical shock waves was rotating through my rotator cuff accompanied with bursitis and tendonitis.  neck shoulder and back painIts grip on my body was so painful,  I fought not to cry, but it finally brought me to tears.  I prayed for mercy to come to my rescue and give me a little relief, if only for a moment. Though now,  it is easing up a little, I am still suffering with this pain, unable to properly take a shower, lift anything, turn my head. It hurts even when I do not move.  I sleep on about 2-3 heating pads every night, however  with little relief.

Living with an invisible pain has humbled me in many ways.  I listen more to the needs of others, and  understand better how we all are suffering from something.  I’ve learned to reach out to my inner spirit for my strength, and to call on the only hope that I have, which is my savior Yahshua in me.  This is what keeps me focused and walking tall with my head up and smiling, looking as if I feel great, and in the very best of health, yet my body is screaming from the inside out.  I rely on hope, that in spite of what I must suffer in this body I wear, that my savior will carry me through it all.  Hope and Faith is intangible, and are invisible as Fibromyalgia is an invisible pain.   Hope is what keeps me holding on with an assurance that this too shall pass, as all things do.

Hope makes me think of an article that I was reading about how a single drop of water can shatter a rock and cause it to splinter into hundreds of pieces.  Rocks are very hard to break, but a single drop of water found its way through a small crack in the rock (stone) and froze, thus expanding and enlarging the crack.  Likewise, a single drop of hope gives us the strength we need to endure another moment, day, or years if we have to, without giving up.

I marvel that a blade of grass can break through cement and resurrect above the earth.  What power is this that we walk amongst everyday, but never give it a real thought?  The power in that single drop of water, a drop of hope, and a blade of grass,  is the same power that we have latent within ourselves, we are just not conscious that it exists.  This is what living with Fibromyalgia has taught me; how that the power of my savior Yahshua in me, is the only one who can resurrect me from my frailties, my pain discomfort, and my doubts — instilling within my heart and mind, faith, patience, sobriety, and hope for a daily resurrection.

Yes, I have pain all over my body everyday, I wake up with it and go to sleep with it.  There was a time when I did not think I could bear such pain and live my life too, but I have.  I have learned how to not digest this invisible pain whereas it overtake my mind, body and soul with fret, anger, lack of faith, or feelings of hopelessness.  I force myself to do what needs to be done, and not feed my pain with what it wants.  It is determined to drag me down, and I am determined to fight harder with faith and a little drop of hope, which is better than having no hope at all.

In closing, just think about the reason for our trials and sufferings while in this body, for it is to teach us what we need to know in order to endure the race, because there is only one winner — and he is spirit, invisible to our natural eyes, but not to our heart and mind.  He is our only hope!

MEDITATE…On the Simplicity of Life

ImageWe seem to expect for everything to evolve around our lives; we use technology to find ways to push a button to change our course of directions when things do not go our way, or to delete those who do not fit into the of our little world, or to persuade the thoughts of others to become bias, self-centered, or prejudice, to stereotype their minds to believing an untruth, just to gain power and control.  Life really is not meant to be complicated.   As Confucius says: “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated”.

I have heard many things in my life, but there is one simple saying that stays with me…complexity creates fog, but simplicity clears it.  So true is this saying;  keeping it simple seems so hard for some to understand, to accept, or to humble ourselves to the fact that the basic simplicity of life, is as simple as 1-2-3. It would do us good to take a moment of our day to just meditate on the simplicity of life.

Have you ever thought about the seasons, and how they change from summer, fall, and winter each year, over and over again.  It’s an unerring pattern that dictates their function and purpose.  Why do the birds fly south for the winter? Who tells them when it is time to make their journey, or to return? What about the ants, the bees, the butterflies, and their friends — where, and why do they leave us when it turns cold?

There is a reason for all things.  Nothing is just happenstance.  There are no accidents, because all things are purposed, whether we believe it or not.  As hard as this may be to accept, our pain and suffering is purposed as well, just like the rain is to water the earth, and the sun to give life to all.  These are simple, yet vital things that occurs everyday, yet we so often take them for granted, because we are so wrapped up in ourselves.  We do not take the time to acknowledge anything else, not even the simple things in life, like the involuntary beating of our heart everyday.

I just thought I would take a moment to share with you my thoughts, as I meditate on these simple, yet powerful facts of life.  After all, I am only human, and I have no power of my own.  I am not in control whereby I can change life, the minds of others, or how my body feels.  If I could, I would not have Fibromyalgia, or any other pain; the world would not be suffering of its numerous diseases; and it would be peace on earth, and in the hearts of mankind — for I would make it so.  But, it is  not my purpose, it is not my story.  I am written in this script just as we all are.  I pray that my remaining chapters keep me humble, and grateful for what I do have.

My message to you is: there is beauty and power in simplicity.  Learn how to keep life simple, enjoy, and meditate on that which we do have, and appreciate the simplistic, and effortless breath of life.   Just breathe….now how simple is that?